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Vignettes for the Czech Republic are already in the app! - Toplyvo Ua

Vignettes for the Czech Republic are already in the app!

Plus Czech Republic to the list of countries for purchasing electronic vignettes in the app! Even more comfortable and profitable travel across Europe for our users. Payment in UAH without commission. And, of course, a favorable price and convenient use. Next, we will tell you in more detail about paying for roads in the Czech Republic through Toplyvo UA, as well as the features of road trips in this country.

What is the cost of vignettes for the Czech Republic?

The cost depends on the category of vehicles and the period of use of toll roads.

* Prices for a pass for a passenger car up to 3.5 tons in the application:

  • for 10 days - 385 UAH (12 €);
  • for 30 days - 547 UAH (17 €);
  • for 12 months - 1865 UAH (59 €).

What to do if a toll motorway starts right after crossing the border?

There are 3 toll motorways right after the Czech border checkpoint. From Germany the D5, D8 routes and from Slovakia the D2 route. If you bought a vignette from Toplyvo UA, then you shouldn't worry about it. You get a pass even before crossing the border, and then you just travel along the route for pleasure. Otherwise, you will have to look for points in the country to pay tolls. This is a waste of time, effort and money. Agree, not a very happy prospect!

How is the payment of tolls checked?

With the introduction of online passes, control of travel on toll roads has become much easier. Now there is no need to specially stop the car to check the payment. Vignettes are tied to the car number and automatically read by cameras installed on toll sections of motorways.

We remind you that through the application, drivers buy passes to Slovakia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, Latvia and the Czech Republic. Until September 30, 2021, there is a promotion: you pay road tolls and get a double discount on the purchase of fuel. 

* Check the current prices in the service, because cost may vary.